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What’s your BEST question for a better workplace?

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What Can You Expect from The Better Workplace Conference 2014

This November, join an engaged community of business leaders and organizational health practitioners from across Canada, to focus on innovations in workplace wellness, workforce mental health, and the impact of change on workplace culture. Connect, network, feel energized and inspired as we focus on 3 key themes that will help you create—and maintain—a better workplace.

1. Innovations in Workplace Health and Wellness.

Many companies have devoted increased resources to wellness over the last few years. The focus of this stream is on innovations in workplace wellness (Canada’s National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace is one of them), including wellness in the digital age, neuroleadership, collaborative approaches to workplace wellness, positive psychology and incorporating wellness into remote workforces. In addition to simply raising the profile of wellness in the organization, we will also look at new ways to increase employee engagement in wellness activities through gamification, social media, apps, education and nudging. We’ll explore cutting edge research, including how mindfulness – something that’s thousands of years old—is now viewed as an innovation.

2. Mental Health and a Psychologically Safe Workforce.

No workforce is immune from mental health challenges. 1 out every 3 Canadians rate their workplace as being stressful, organizations still struggle with what to do and it’s costing the Canadian economy over $50 Billion annually. Does this resonate with you? This stream provides something for everyone, regardless of where you are in your workplace strategy around addressing workforce mental health and creating a psychologically safe workplace. Great resources are in place, so learn from the experts who have long championed solutions that work. Help lift the stigma around mental illness through workplace-related discussion, education, participation and leave with valuable solutions to make the mental health and well-being of your workforce a key priority.

3. Change and Resilience—The Impact on OD and Workplace Culture.

Change has been a recurrent theme at this event—and for good reason. Few would argue that the pace of change has increased in recent years, and that it is becoming harder to predict. New technologies, changing demographics, increased global competition, fiscal restraint — all combine, overlap and interact to create complex, continuous change. This stream delivers some of the latest concepts for dealing with change effectively with a focus on resilience because effective change management is the most basic component in Organizational Development. What does resilience mean for individuals, workplace culture and for your OD strategy? Learn how to become more resilient and build resilience in teams to help transform your organization.

Free Webinar from The Conference Board of Canada

For a limited time, we’re pleased to offer you a complimentary recorded webinar (Value of $445). Wellness ROI—Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth? Is a 60-minute session where report authors explore the wellness return on investment (ROI) and how to calculate your own wellness returns. Karla Thorpe, Director, Leadership and Human Resources Research, and Louise Chenier, Research Associate, provide the story behind the numbers and share the results of the research, including which tools are most effective when measuring the impact of wellness programs. In addition, you will hear details of in-depth case study interviews with employers as well as interviews with experts in health promotion, workplace wellness and evaluation. Download your free webinar here.

Towards Mentally Healthy Workplaces

A 3 minute production by The Conference Board of Canada.

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